The Moravian Genealogical and Heraldic Society (MGHS z. s.) in Brno is the only society of this kind in Moravia devoted to genealogy and heraldry. The beginnings of the Society go to the year 1972 when a few members of the Genealogical and Heraldic Society in Prague, founded in March 1969, established its local branch in autumn. Troubles in the Prague head office led to the gradual independence of the Brno branch, which even managed to issue its first and also the only volume of the Genealogical and Heraldic Yearbook under the sponsorship of the Municipal National Committee in Rájec  Jestřebí. Soon afterwards, at the beginning of the year 1981, the Brno branch was transformed into the Genealogical-Heraldic Club (GHK) by the House of Culture of the Královo Pole Engineering Works in Brno.

      As early as in 1981, when the Club was established, its activity having been the carrying programme to this day was launched. In 1996 the GHK was transformed into an independent civic amateur organisation named “The Moravian Genealogical and Heraldic Society“. Every year we give 10 lectures at which some leading experts from the Czech Republic and, if possible, also from Slovakia, where we still have several members, inform our members and fans about the latest findings and conclusions of their studies in genealogical, heraldic, and other related areas (coins, medals, orders, flags, banners, etc.). At the same time, the members of the Society are informed of the continuous activities of the Committee, of the planned outings by means of public transport or by private passenger cars to the Brno surroundings. The Society also organises one or more day trips by coach all over the Czech Republic and to some neighbouring states to visit the places not only of genealogical and heraldic features but also of general and national history and geography.

      From its origin the GHK has issued the “Genealogical and Heraldic Information“ (GHI), at first quarterly, later annually. These GHI volumes are designed for the members. We also exchange the GHIs with similar printed materials of Czech and foreign associations. The exchanged publications extend our systematically built specialist fund of the Society's library. Since the yearbook GHI 1991, we have managed to improve not only the appearance of GHIs, but also the professional quality of the GHI contributions, i.e. the articles, annotations, polemics, messages, and the like. Besides the GHIs, we succeeded in issuing a number of highly professional publications.

      The Society sets up, besides its specialist library, also its archives of photographs of various genealogical and heraldic sights, such as tombstones, memorial plaques, coatsofarms and badges on buildings, paintings, and the like. We also succeed in organising for our members irregular seminars “Ancient Scripture Reading“, “Methods of Genealogical Research“, “Genealogy on the Computer“, and also “Genealogy and Heraldry on the Internet“. We also collaborate with other similar genealogical-heraldic associations in the Czech Republic and abroad not only to exchange experience, but also to work out a standard specialist Czech genealogical and heraldic terminology.

      The entire activity of the MGHS z. s. is financed by means of member contributions, small gifts, and minimum grants from the City of Brno and the City districts. The management, i.e. the Society's Committee, works for free. The number of members varies between 150 and 200 persons and collective members. Our members are citizens from all parts of the Czech Republic (not only from Moravia) and also from abroad. They are both amateurs and professionals of the area concerned. The honorary chairman of the MGHS z. s. is Mr. Jiří Louda, author of the State Arms and the Standard of the President of the Czech Republic and also, among others, a coauthor of a worldknown book titled “LINES OF SUCCESSION  HERALDRY OF THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF EUROPE“.

      Our experts manage to give advice to all interested persons, amateurs as well as professionals, on a personal pedigree and chronicle, civic and aristocratic genealogy, personal, aristocratic and civic heraldry. We are not capable to carry out research for interested persons on their behalf, but we can attempt its mediation.